Sanskrit Sansar - An Introducation         Institute An introducation

Sanskrit Sahitya Shiksan Kendra institute launched by DIRECTOR Lalit kr. Pareek on 5th july 2005.Over 100 students are getting their goals with us.In very short time this institute made a history in Rajasthan.In this Sanskrit Kendra students are getting their Sanskrit education from metric to higher classes.Kendra has a aim to create a better society by using Sanskrit. 
                                                                                     Sanskrit Kendra is based on purely Sanskrit education so that institute named Sanskrit Sahitiya Shiksan Kendra. This is 3rd year in a raw & all of them are entirely successful.
                                                     Kendra’s Director Sh.Lalit kr. Pareek is handicapped although he is master of Sanskrit language. In this way he is Ph.D in “ATHARVVEDA”. His aim to serve better education system in Sanskrit .
                                            In Sanskrit Kendra not only Sanskrit education but also is more based on moral values. It is purely first Sanskrit Kendra of Nagaur{Rajasthan}.Shortly Sanskrit Kendra is going to open his branch in Jaipur{Rajasthan}.

Sanskrit Kendra now in field of competition classes like I.A.S & R.A.S{Sanskrit}NET Sanskrit.


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